Flea Control Wandsworth


flea control Wandsworth


Fleas are little, dark bugs that are generally 2-3 mm in length. Unless your pet is harshly infested with fleas, you might not even observe that he/she has fleas. Many cats are such fastidious groomers, that fleas can be tough to find on their fur or skin. A telltale signal of fleas can be flea dirt on your pet. Flea dirt is really the flea feces and is a lot like pepper flakes. When moist, flea dirt turns red, as it mainly comprises ingested body-fluid from your pet. If you find just one adult flea, you can be certain there are not less than 100 more fleas growing on your pet.


When our professional flea controllers visit your Wandsworth home to get rid of your fleas, you will need to make sure that all areas of your home are available for the technician to treat. You will also need to stay out of the house for a couple of hours once the treatment has been done, as will all your pets. Our friendly Wandsworth based team will also give you advice and techniques that can help you keep your home flea free after the eradication of your flea infestation. Call us today for a chat if you think or know you have a flea infestation.


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